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Tesla LogoIn 2008 Tesla released its first car, the completely electric Roadster. DriveElectric funded the first UK Roadster and that is where our road into electric vehicles started, since then we have been at the forefront of Tesla lease deals. Tesla has gone on to thoroughly disrupt the auto industry, with the Tesla Model 3 (which can be leased here) outselling traditional brands. The numerous high-performance electric vehicles Tesla has available to lease, combined with their worldwide network of superchargers has put them miles ahead of their competitors with their on-the-go charging unrivalled. If you are looking for a Tesla business lease or a personal lease then look no further, we have a large range of Tesla leasing offers, whether that is for the Model Y, Model S, Model X or the Model 3. We are sure you will find a Tesla model that will satisfy all your electric vehicle needs.


Model 3 on the way? Take a look at our Tesla Model 3 Quick start guide:

Henry talks you through all you need to know about this exciting electric car before you pick yours up from Tesla. This video covers some useful hints and tips as well as a look at the Model 3’s main features.

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Can you lease a Tesla?

Here at DriveElectric, our love affair with Tesla is well documented. We funded the UK’s first-ever Tesla, the famous Roadster model in 2008. That signalled the start of our journey along the road of electric motoring and we’ve never looked back.

As the first company to finance a Tesla in the UK for this iconic brand, our Tesla lease deals have helped many motorists begin their journey into electric vehicles (EVs). Indeed, our Managing Director, Mike, has even visited the Tesla Factory in California. This longstanding relationship has given us unique insight and expertise when it comes to this manufacturer and makes us the best place to take out a Tesla lease in the UK.

The models Tesla has released are not just great to drive and brilliant cars in their own right. They’ve also stimulated genuine, widespread change around the world. As the planet battles rising emissions and the very real threat of climate change, choosing a Tesla lease is a great way to play your part in helping the environment. Tesla electric cars are a great choice for businesses, due to the vehicles long-range as higher mileage can more money on running costs. To find out more read our guide “Tesla – your questions answered” – it answers some of the most frequently asked questions from our customers about Tesla vehicles:

Tesla – your questions answered
Tesla electric car models parked at super charging station

Tesla models available

The popularity of Tesla inspired many other manufacturers to enter the EV market, but Tesla stays one step ahead releasing an amazing range of cars. From the affordable Model 3 Standard Range Plus to the incredible performance of the Model S Long Range, you can also find the original luxury e-SUV within the Tesla range – the stunning Model X.

The wide selection of models caters for many different requirements when it comes to factors like size, range and taste. This makes Tesla business lease contracts perfect for companies that run fleets of vehicles. Especially given the green credentials and reputational benefits associated with the brand.

Charging a Tesla

Tesla business lease contracts are ideal for environmentally-conscious drivers who like to travel in style. Whether you need a large family car or something more compact, they’re also great for keeping the costs of motoring down. EVs are much cheaper to charge up than filling up a petrol or diesel car at a fuel station. You can also recharge your Tesla using renewable energy through your home charging point.

If you need to top up your battery on the road, Tesla has a market-leading, worldwide network of public chargers. With your Tesla car lease in the bag, you can look forward to taking advantage of Tesla Superchargers across the UK and beyond. Be it for business or pleasure, topping up your Teslas charge when travelling long distances couldn’t be easier.

electric car plugged in to tesla supercharger

Tesla model 3 electric car

What is the cheapest Tesla to lease?

At DriveElectric we have great value ev lease deals across the Tesla range but if you’re looking for the cheapest way to get behind the wheel of a Tesla then you need to look into our deals for the Model 3.

The Tesla Model 3 offers the entry-level route into driving a Tesla electric car but that doesn’t mean you’re making a compromise, with much of the cutting-edge tech you find across the Tesla range present in the Model 3.

Whether you’re looking for your first Tesla or you are a long term Tesla user seeking the latest model, we’re confident you’ll find a model perfect for you within the range. We have a great selection of Tesla leasing offers for you to browse, and we’re always happy to chat with you about one of our favourite EV manufacturers. If you prefer, you can head over to our Tesla FAQ page too.

Benefits of leasing a Tesla

Easy and convenient

Simply choose the length of your Tesla lease, mileage and deposit, then wait for your car to be delivered

Stay ahead of the curve

At the end of your contract, you can simply hand the car back, with no further obligation and search our latest Tesla lease deals to get a brand-new model with the most up-to-date tech

Road tax and warranty included

Our Tesla lease offers include road tax for the duration of your contract, while you’ll be covered by a full manufacturer warranty too

Tesla Model Y available to lease now

The Tesla Model Y Long Range is the final edition to the S-3-X-Y line up of electric vehicles from Tesla and follows on from the award-winning Tesla Model 3 electric car, with the Model Y being an all-electric mid-size SUV designed with versatility and safety in mind, and like all Tesla vehicles, it has been designed to be the safest in its class.

Lease the Tesla Model Y
Tesla model y electric car in blue


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